Final Paper

I have acquired the strangest sensation of wanting to murder an immaterial object… yet a sensation that is not exactly unfamiliar. I think we have all wished to stab a computer and have it bleed. The trouble with that, of course, is that we simultaneously desire to punish the offending object, and also have it work afterward, which represents quite the unfortunate conflict of interest.

This is even more challenging when one desires to viciously vivisect a piece of writing. Not the record of it, either, but the writing itself. However, to reach in to extract the viscera of the writing would … be challenging, not to mention futile. Not much you can do with a handful of jumbled letters.

Spent sometime staring at the spotted ceiling tiles of the library, contemplating just how, precisely, would you go about thoroughly disemvoweling a piece of writing. Burning, perhaps? Satisfying, but technically ineffective. Also, I still had to hand the damned thing in. Figured that a pile of ashes would get a poor mark.

Had to wonder that with all my exasperated upward staring if the other library denizens thought I was praying to Thoth or something. It would probably be more accurate to say I was praying to Sekhmet.