So Blogger is disappointing, to say the least

I would be less hesitant to switch blogs if I had some way to transfer my archives. I had some good pieces over there, and I hate to have them lost in the abysmal plain of the internet. Maybe I’ll do some periodic blast from the past posts or something, because I am getting increasingly fed up with blogger. Not only is is aesthetically unpleasing, but recently I’ve acquired a spambot that spews interesting combinations of words that could be mistaken for surrealist prose if it were located anywhere other than the comments section of a backwater blog.

Admittedly I am tempted to lift some of it and turn it into dadaist art, but I think that may be considered plagiarism of some kind. Really, whoever runs that nifty bit of random-phrase-combining software should give up spamming and turn to art. This could be the rise of the next Salvador Dali. Truly.

So, at any rate, here’s the new blog. I rather like it. It’s much classier and less cluttered than Blogger, and has a better community, too. I think I’ll like it here.

If you need help finding your way around, here’s some helpful hints:

The About section tells you all about me and my exciting Irxchwekian life.

The Home section will bring you back to the latest posts. So will clicking on the title, I think.

There should be (or will shortly be) a tab on the top that will provide links to some of my blogger posts, for reference.

Thanks for bearing with me as I attempt to escape the existential horror of unintentional dadaism.