Summer pop tunes hell

Insufferable things are made significantly more tolerable by mocking them. As previously mentioned, I am currently in a hostage situation with 93Q, and am making the best of it by being sarcastic and bizarre. For instance, a recent Imagine Dragons song “Demons” has these lyrics:

“Don’t get too close / It’s dark inside / It’s where my demons hide / It’s where my demons hide.”

And it just makes me wonder, like man, what did you do to make your demons feel they need to hide like that? My demons hang out on my shoulders. We get get coffee sometimes.

You should really be nicer to the poor guys.

Another fun hobby is this: holding pop songs to the results of their assertions. “Oh, there’s no place you’d rather be so long as you’re with so-and-so? How’s this, I’ll throw you both into a boiling tar pit. How’s it in there? I’m glad the power of love has allowed you to ignore scalding temperatures. Maybe we should get the government researching this.”


2 comments on “Summer pop tunes hell

  1. And look at that, I can leave messages!!!

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