What. Does. This. Even. Mean:

“Тhе chеese woulԁ bе melted and bubblу, but νery bеst of аll the toppіngs wοulԁ not be buгnt. Earning pizza іѕ ωonderful, nοt that сomplісateԁ, аnd a іncrediblу сгeative way to imρress buddіes and famіly unit with your cooking abіlity – plus make tasty meаlѕ that rеallу don’t break the funds. Continue 11 miles, and view mindfully for the sign to Laupahoehoe Place Beach front Park on the proper. Here is my homepage :: old stone oven”

The Dadaist commenter strikes again! Six times, actually. Though for some reason they’re all cooking related. Maybe the spambot got hungry.


2 comments on “Dadaism

  1. I find my spam fascinating. Someone takes the time to write them all and for what purpose? I love the different techniques too- obviously there is the old rule that sex sells so that is to be expected, but what about the ones that play with your mind with either insults or compliments. I just have to delete them fast or I’ll find myself getting into dangerous territory, reading about how my writing has so much important information or worse- that it could be better if I took the time to follow a few helpful suggestions. I never get crazy melted cheese food spam!

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